About Dr. Jeff

Dr. Jeff Logue is a college professor, author, motivational speaker and counselor.

At the age of 6 his parents were tragically killed in a car accident when a drunk driver hit his family in a head on collision.  Adopted by his aunt and uncle, he began a different journey, in a different town, with different friends, and a completely different life.  He often wondered the “why” behind his parent’s death but never found that answer.  Instead, he slowly found an inner peace.

In college, he found an interest in the field of psychology.  Pursuing this new found interest landed him a Master’s degree and ultimately a PhD in Counseling.

Over the years he has accomplished much.  However, in this new chapter, his desire is to create a place that anyone can come to be inspired, challenged, encouraged and changed!

Jeff is a husband and a father who enjoys traveling anywhere, spending time with family and exercising his second amendment right!

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How to Deal with a Midlife Crisis

In this blog post, I would like to help you explore some of the challenges and opportunities that I have had to face at midlife. I want to give you an opportunity to take a look at issues that are specific to each generation. You will also have a chance to begin the...

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Caregiver Survival Tips

Being a caregiver is a selfless labor of love in which we fully engage. It takes all of you - mind, body and spirit. It’s rewarding when we see a smile on the face of those we care for, yet exhausting at the end of each day. Leo Buscaglia once wrote, “To often we...

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What are the Signs that a Caregiver Needs Help?

When my grandparents moved into our house, it started out as a time of bonding and celebration. However, as their physical bodies continued to deteriorate it began to take a toll on our family. My grandmother was diagnosed with Alzheimer's and my grandfather had a...

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Caring for the Caregiver

  As a young boy at home, I have the fondest memories of my grandparents. They not only lived in my home town, providing ample opportunities to visit, but also lived in our home in their final day. Having three generations under the same roof made for...

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Why Am I So Anxious?

Every human feels anxiety on occasion; it is a part of life. All of us know what it is like to feel worry, nervousness, fear, and concern. We feel nervous when we have to give a speech, go for a job interview, or walk into our boss's office for the annual...

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Teach People How to Treat You – Part 1

Most of us know that assertiveness will get you further in life than being passive or aggressive. Being assertive means being able to stand up for your own or other people’s rights in a calm and positive way, without being either aggressive, or passively accepting...

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Teach People How to Treat You – Part 2

In Part 1 of this discussion we talked about using assertiveness to get your point across without upsetting others, while standing our ground and standing up for ourselves. In Part 2, I’ll show you how to use verbal and non-verbal communication to get what...

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